Point of View

Your transition from individual technical contributor to your first team manager position has got to be one of the greatest career challenges. Until of course, you transition from team manager to a senior leadership role. The truth is moving up into any leadership role can be demanding, even for the most talented professional.

So often we are promoted because we are good in our current role. That makes sense doesn’t it? You are a great accountant so they put you in charge of the finance function. Every year you beat your revenue target so why not move you to head of sales? Recognise this?

The problem is the roles are fundamentally different. Strong technical skills may be necessary but they are no longer sufficient. Those capabilities that got you into the leadership role are no longer the guarantee of success they once were. Following promotion, we often see people taking the title, taking the salary increase, taking the benefits. The one thing they don’t take? The role.


transition bwTo be fully effective in the new leadership role you invariably have to change. Change your skill set. Change your mindset. Change the way you define your contribution. Such transitions are not easy – they may even be overwhelming. They take time; they take effort and they often require support. That’s where we come in – supporting leaders in transition is all we do

We have made those leadership transitions personally. We have supported many leaders, across a variety of sectors. We have worked with them in defining and appreciating the scope of their new roles; agreeing and prioritising their goals; diagnosing, mobilising and developing their teams; leading organisational change; managing conflict; making some not so easy decisions; communicating with and engaging those inside and outside the organisation and generally making it happen. Sometimes this requires the development of critical skills. Often it is about helping leaders to build the confidence to find their own way. Always its about delivering improved business performance. Soft skills – hard business results.

success bw - Copy If the transition to a leadership role is not successful, the costs are significant:

  • to the individual whose personal brand may be permanently tarnished within the organisation and who ultimately may be lost
  • to the team who are not getting the direction, support and development they need and deserve
  • to the organisation who may lose otherwise engaged people, loyal clients and market value

It’s tempting to think that the only leaders who are in transition are those who have just taken on a new role. In reality, for some, this can take months, even years before they make the change necessary to achieve full effectiveness. If there are individuals or groups who may be facing this kind of challenge in your organisation and you think we might be able to help, why not get in contact?