What We Do

Our work focuses on two key areas: group facilitation and one to one coaching.

Depending on the needs of the business, we can support in the up-front diagnostic and consulting phase to determine the development needs of your leaders and help build the business case for investment – and support in the evaluation process to demonstrate the results of the intervention.

For those who wish to deliver learning to a broader group utilising their own resources, we can also work to translate those development need into a targeted learning architecture, a detailed learning design and supporting materials with facilitator notes to ensure a rigorous and consistent deployment of each development activity that meets the needs of the business as well as each leader.



Group Facilitation

The group could be three people; it could be thirty-three. The key word is facilitation – and not training. Its about learning through self discovery. Our role is to create a positive environment where leaders can reflect on their own experiences; question and challenge to explore alternative or deeper perspectives and find their own priorities and solutions that can accelerate their transition and directly improve their performance


Individual Coaching

Our one to one coaching is about the non-directive development of capabilities and confidence, which enable the successful transition into a leadership role with a faster and greater business contribution. Operating at an individual level, the process is more flexible, deeper and still more customised to the needs of the individual leader’s transition, as well as their preferred learning style. The focus is always on achieving goals set with both the organisation and the individual.


Case Studies


Group Facilitation

  • Facilitation of a programme designed by a third party. The programme comprises one to one feedback around leadership styles, the deployment of a three day programme leadership event attended by cohorts of 40 business leaders from around the world who are transitioning into senior management roles followed by one to one coaching and development planning

    “This programme has changed the way I think about myself, my role, my team and the way I undertake my work. I now feel so much more confident I can perform. Thank you!”

                                                Participant – European Country Leader

  • The goal was to support highly technical individual contributors transition into functional leadership roles that would enable the continued growth of this expanding business. Rolled out in the US, Caribbean, Pakistan, South East Asia and Australia regions, our people designed and delivered a programme comprising three days, deployed in two sessions over an eight week period which addressed defining the role of a leader in the business as well as the developing the critical behaviours required to ensure success.

    “I have spoken with many who have attended the development sessions and they all sing only your praises.  Thank you for making the personal commitment to help make our leaders stronger.  Deeply appreciated”

    Regional President

  • Designed and facilitated a six day programme, delivered over three, two day sessions for cohorts of 10 leaders transitioning into country leader/ Head of.

    Function levels. The goal was to prepare those who were about to step into a challenging new role, operating in a dynamic and complex organisation environment and support those who were already in situ.

    Key content areas include: Understanding their role and the organisation’s expectations of them as a leader; effective communication and engagement; team and individual development; coaching skills; influencing across the organisation; leading change, team development and translating strategy into results. Action learning activities were deployed between sessions.

     “It was a privilege working with you Ian.   The guys have nothing but praise for your facilitation, as do I. Cooperation can be a wonderful thing, many thanks for being with us and helping us in becoming better leaders.”

                                                                            Director of HR, Europe

  • As part of the drive to further develop and retain the talent in the organisation’s prestigious Research and Development function, the management team have commenced a programme to develop their coaching and facilitative problem solving skills. Key elements of the programme supported the participants in identifying wider coaching opportunities, building trust based relationships, enhancing their questioning and listening skills as well as providing a framework for the facilitation of coaching conversations with their respective teams. While originally positioned in the context of personal development, the outputs of the programme are increasingly impacting the broader management style and culture of the business. 

    “I went into the workshop, unsure about whether it would prove to be useful. As it turned out I found it to be one of the most useful courses I have been on. I already do a significant amount of coaching in my current role. This session will help enormously in helping me to continue to do that but at a higher standard.

    Ian is one of the best facilitators I have come across.”


Individual Coaching

  • Operating in a highly dynamic environment, this executive found himself promoted into a senior leadership role where he had very little previous experience. He recognised the traits of “Imposter Syndrome” – a sense that he, unlike the business, felt he just did not deserve to be in the role. Our work focused on helping him to determine priorities, address challenging implications of change for him and his team and “stand up” to some equally challenging characters across the business – developing both skills and the confidence to perform and lead the organisation.

    It was really good to catch up today and as always, not only was it enjoyable I left the room enriched with wise advice. I wanted to reiterate how much your guidance and listening has really helped me improve and has played a large part in my recent burst of new opportunities. Thank you for all your help Ian over the last 12 months. I am entering this Christmas calmer than I have ever been in my whole life!!

  • Moving into a high pressure and challenging role as a result of wider organisation change can create its tensions and for this leader that did not always lead to behaviours which were as constructive as he would have hoped. Our work helped the leader to manage the role transition process; reframe selected work-based issues; increase his awareness of the triggers which can lead to overly assertive behaviour; understand his preferred style in conflict situations and appreciate other approaches which may be more valuable in advancing his cause. This involved the use of profiling tools, observation of work-based interactions, structured reflection and the identification and application of agreed actions. 

    This talented leader has so successfully shifted his “brand” in the business that he is now in the process of transitioning to a higher profile international role where we are also providing support. 

    “Ian has been excellent in helping me work through some issues I had been having with the way we operated in our division, and helping me and my manager determine a way forward that worked for both of us. I’ve been very impressed with Ian’s approach. He’s been a good listener, but I think importantly he’s also made me properly address some issues and take the tough decisions about what I was going to do about it.”


  • Here we worked with the executive for one year as he moved into a leadership role within a new technical area. While high on confidence the focus in this instance was in developing a technical orientation and helping him to effectively navigate the new organisational landscape. Our work together included defining his area’s goals, establishing a new team, establishing core processes and ensuring efficient and effective alignment of his team’s contribution to the overall functional strategy. Based on his acknowledged success in this role and a strong track record of achievement, he was subsequently promoted to Number 2 in the organisation’s prestigious North American operations.

  • As someone who specialised in research and lecturing for 25 years, the move to take on a departmental management role was both daunting and unwelcome. Many of the skill sets which had contributed to her success to date were no longer valid in her new role. In an intensely political environment which was facing significant budget cuts, our part was to work with her to define and understand her new role, diagnose her current team and define criteria for future success, establish strategic priorities in collaboration with her manager and support her confidence in executing the agreed way forward. The four month engagement has yet to complete but she is still in a role she threatened to leave and feels as though she is making significant progress in managing her challenges.

    “I just don’t think I would have stuck it out without the coaching support. You helped me to re-frame my situation, create some focus and mobilse the team to deliver some quick wins.”